Saturday, February 25, 2023

Cynicism and Stupidity on the Frontiers of NATO


I hate cynicism and stupidity. I hate cretins who parade their stupidity and low, incompetent, ignorant, chauvinist thought and thinking around as though they were profound somehow. One of the reasons I will always have time for Peter Sloterdijk, the philosopher, for whatever his other intellectual failings, is his incisive diagnosis and ruthless assault on cynical reason, the basic operating system of the modern cynical cretin.


I can think of no finer example of such stupidity and cynicism, such cynical, cretinous reason, than the sneering, posturing resolution, spearheaded by the United States and passed yesterday at the United Nations, A/ES-11/L.7 “Principles of the Charter of the United Nations underlying a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine.” I want to tell you about this resolution because I think it is exemplary of the total falsification of recent history going on right now, not to mention the absolute orgy of historical revisionism and effectively holocaust denial which has accompanied it.


This resolution purports to emphasize the need to – quote “reach, as soon as possible, a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine in line with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations."


But that is not what the US promoted resolution does, because of a cynicism, because of a stupidity. What cynicism, what stupidity? It is that the resolution expresses its “commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, extending to its territorial waters.” Why is this stupid, you might ask, why is that cynical?


It is stupid and cynical for two reasons, first the General, and then the Particular:


(1) The notion of the United States relying on and promoting itself as the champion of the notion of the inviolable sanctity of the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of other nations is absurd and offensive. Maintaining this charade requires the compulsory adoption of the memory of a goldfish. The US posturing as the champion of these principles is absolutely farcical beyond farcical given the overwhelming and habitual violations of these principles by the United States itself, even just in the past twenty years.


The United States, a barely 250 year old genocidal settler-colonial state, whose land was obtained entirely and unambiguously by primitive accumulation by dispossession – that is, theft, plunder and violence – is going to lecture and hector the world on the sacred principles of territorial non-intervention. Okay. . .


The United States which twenty years ago illegally invaded Iraq and which has occupied it, on again off again for the past twenty years, is going to get up on its high horse about the sacred inviolability of sovereignty and internationally recognized borders, is it? Three years ago Iraq’s democratically elected and sovereign parliament voted 170-0 to expel US troops! How did the US respond? By telling the Iraqis that if they expelled US troops the US would destroy their central bank and leave them worse off that the worst days of the war! That United States, now, is going to herald itself as the champion of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of poor, mistreated peripheral states.


The United States which operates a network of totally illegal unilateral economic sanctions to coerce less affluent states, that United States is going to ride in on its mighty tiny high high horse as the deliverer of the weak and vulnerable?


The United States of the drone war over the skies of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen. The United States which killed 500,000 Iraqis and which displaced tens of millions of others. Which raided Afghanistan for its resources and left it a desicated heap in the hands of same Taliban they had 'liberated' it from. That United States is going to hector and lecture from the pulpit on the subject of respecting the sovereignty of other nations, is it?


Incredible. Cynical for those who manufacture such heinous, insidious codswallop, and stupid on the part of those why buy it. It is hypocrisy incarnate, the Great Satan chiding and scolding, and a passive audience applauding the irrational spectacle. As China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted this week:


"The US is the No.1 violator of sovereignty and interferer in the internal affairs of other countries. Since the end of WWII, the US has sought to subvert 50+ foreign governments, interfered in elections in 30+ countries & attempted assassination on 50+ foreign leaders."


And (2) – the second reason why this position being promoted by the US and its vassal states is stupid and cynical – is that one of the many particular egregious violations of sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of other states by the United States over the past twenty years was the illegal and totally undemocratic coup d'état which the United States orchestrated in Ukraine in 2014.


I’m going to read to you an excerpt from a piece by the Marxist Socialist Historian and Ecologist John Bellamy-Foster, written last year. If you have the time I encourage you to read it for yourself, it is called “The US Proxy War in Ukraine.” I think this piece is important, very important, because I view Mr Bellamy-Foster as the kind of deep, substantive, historically grounded thinker which the cretins and ghouls, spooks, plutes, NeoCons and chauvinists are trying to drown out and censor right now. His piece is a properly historical-materialist analysis of the present conflict and its antecedents. In this piece, Bellamy-Foster writes:


"The proxy war started in 2014 when the Maidan coup, engineered by the United States, took place in Ukraine, removing the democratically elected president, and putting ultra-nationalists largely in control. The immediate result though was that Ukraine began to break apart. Crimea had been an independent, autonomous state from 1991 to 1995. In 1995 Ukraine illegally tore up the Crimean Constitution and annexed it against its will. The Crimean people didn’t consider themselves part of Ukraine, and were largely Russian speaking, with deep cultural connections to Russia. When the coup occurred, with Ukrainian ultra-nationalists in control, the Crimean population wanted out. Russia gave them an opportunity with a referendum to stay in the Ukraine or join with Russia. They chose the latter. However, in the eastern Ukraine the primarily Russian population was subjected to repression by ultra-nationalist and neo-Nazi Kyiv forces. Russophobia and extreme repression of the Russian-speaking populations in the East set in—with the infamous case of the forty people blown up in a public building by neo-Nazis associated with the Azov Battalion. Originally there were a number of breakaway republics. Two survived in the Donbass region, with dominant Russian-speaking populations: the republics of Luhansk and Donetsk.


A civil war thus emerged in Ukraine between Kyiv in the West and Donbass in the East. But it was also a proxy war with the U.S./NATO supporting Kyiv and Russia supporting Donbass. The civil war started right after the coup, when the Russian language was basically outlawed, so that individuals could get fined for speaking Russian in a store. It was an attack on the Russian language and culture and a violent repression of the populations in the eastern parts of the Ukraine.


Initially, there were about 14,000 lives lost in the civil war. And these casualties were in the eastern part of the country, with something like 2.5 million refugees pouring into Russia. The Minsk Agreements in 2014 and 2015 led to a ceasefire, mediated by France and Germany, and supported by the United Nations Security Council. In these agreements the Luhansk and Donetsk Republics were given autonomous status within Ukraine. But Kyiv broke the Minsk agreements again and again, continuing to attack the breakaway republics in Donbass."


One really has to be serious here, an illegal and undemocratic coup is the single most violent and consequential violations of sovereignty which can possibly occur, it is the absolute seizure of political authority. In 2014 the US orchestrated the illegal deposing of the duly elected President of Ukraine, who was from the eastern regions now in question, and the installation of an extreme right-wing, ethnonationalist, white supremacist government.


Imagine, I really want you to imagine, if by means of foreign funding, support and coordination, the Ottawa Convoy protesters had managed to depose Trudeau and assume dictatorial control of the government and its entire state machinery. They immediately abrogate all our Constitutional obligations towards indigenous peoples, and begin a campaign of racist terror as state policy. Imagine then that the peripheries of Canada object, and say ‘no, we want nothing to do with this criminal, illegal regime which has sprung up and been recognized by foreign saboteurs.’ Would the international community campaign passionately for and insist upon maintaining such a nightmare government’s “territorial integrity?” That is what is being proposed here. Insisting on the ‘territorial integrity’ of Ukraine means forcing the eastern regions to live under an illegal coup government which came into existence as a result of a US orchestrated coup in 2014 and which immediately proceeded to ban Russian as a language, bomb predominantly Russian cities which ceased to recognize them as a Government, and ethnically persecute the Russian speaking and culturally Russian minority in the east.


After the 2014 coup it was a primitive accumulation goldrush for the United States in terms of buying up Ukrainian resource industry and assets on the cheap. It was a deluge of shitty American failsons on a profiteering crusade. That is really what the issue with Hunter Biden is, for example – not the coked up gun and dick pics on his laptom – but that he was sent along with so many other McKinsey caste losers to hover up resources in the aftermath of a coup orchestrated, in part, by his father.


Ignoring this, trying to edit out or obscure the last decade of Ukraine’s history and its primary causes, doesn’t actually contribute to the promotion or achievement of peace at all. There is so many lies and falsehoods, such a suffocating cloud of amnesia going on right now regarding the now decade-long war in Ukraine. The US started this war in 2014 with an illegal and undemocratic coup, it should end with a peace agreement, but that won't come from one-sided Western jingoism.


Because of these two reason, because the United States promoting itself as the champion of the inviolable sanctity of the sovereignty of states is absurd, and because the US has specifically and overwhelmingly been interfering with Ukraine and Russia’s sovereignty for the past ten years, the United Nations General Assembly resolution promoted by the United States is stupid and cynical, a product of cretins, for cretins.


That is why it is stupid and cynical, stupid on the part of those who uncritically believe it, and cynical on the part of those who don’t, but say so because they profit by saying so, because while the US calls their resolution “Principles of the Charter of the United Nations underlying a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine” – its actual effect is the opposite of that, to retrench positions and mischaracterize one another in a belligerent and warlike way. The US is saying ‘peace’ when, for all practical purposes, they mean ‘war.’ This is THE MOST GROTESQUE CYNICISM! And Joe Biden, and Tony Blinken, and Victoria Nuland, Chrysia Freeland and Victoria Nuland are all THE MOST GROTESQUE CYNICS! To try to warp the meaning of Peace to mean more war, expanded war, exacerbated war, more arms transfers, more arms production, profits for Raytheon, profits for Lockheed Martin – ‘MAKE PEACE, MAKE A BUCK FOR NORTHROP GRUMMAN AND GENERAL DYNAMICS!’ - that’s not peace, that’s war.


Yesterday on the CBC they had on a figure from the “Canadian Centre for Global Affairs.” It is hardly the first time they’ve had someone from the CCGA on the air to intone on foreign affairs. Murray Brewster, currently enthusiastically promoting the war from the Kiev forces frontlines, has had the CBC publish literally hundreds, literally hundreds, of articles over the years advocating for increased military expenditure where the only cited source is a figure from the Canadian Centre for Global Affairs. Do you think that in any of Murray’s articles, or on TV yesterday, they ever informed the audience that the Canadian Center for Global Affairs is funded by, among others, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, the Department of National Defence and Lockheed Martin? No, of course not, in spite of having been specifically told to do so by an otherwise completely toothless CBC Ombudsman, Jack Nagler.


This war is stupid and cynical. There are those who are manufacturing and selling the war, which is cynical, and there are those who are passively consuming the war, as spectators, which is stupid.


We are being sold this war by those who profit by its prolongation and exacerbation, and they are selling it and promoting it falsely under the banner of ‘peace.’


That is the most cynical lie, and its promoters not only manufacture this lie, but manufacture the stupidity in the populace necessary for them to passively receive this lie. They blight out basic truths, like that the US orchestrated an illegal and undemocratic coup in 2014, like that the US is one of the most predatory and insane forces on the planet today, that they regularly and habitually violate and warp the sovereignty, independence and integrity of other nations for their own narrow gain, they obscure these truths from view, demonize them, stigmatize them, censor them.


This is more than just kulturkampf, the military-political wings of the richest imperial states, whose weapons and resource industries profit by the prolongation and exacerbation of the war, have a direct strategic and financial impetus to criminalize inconvenient speech and expression.


Consent is being manufactured for catastrophic, clash of civilizations, absolute war. If you oppose it, or criticize it in any way, you are informed you are the minority and should be quiet. DON'T! Speak out against this madness now. Oppose the war! Oppose Western intervention! Oppose this proxy war. This is a border dispute. The post-coup Kiev regime abused and ethnically oppressed the eastern regions for eight years, in contravention of the peace agreements which they signed and agreed to. There is no reason why this conflict cannot be resolved by means of a negotiated peaceful settlement. Oppose this garbage proxy war. Oppose this war. Oppose the war in Ukraine. Oppose the US using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia. Oppose its prolongation and exacerbation. Oppose weapons transfers. Fight against the spiraling out of control of yet another garbage, propagandized US proxy war. Oppose this war. Oppose this garbage US proxy war. Oppose its mystification, oppose the lie that this war began in 2022, as opposed to in 2014 when the US orchestrated an illegal coup. Oppose weapons transfers. Oppose the exacerbation and prolongation of the war by profiteers.


Having relied on the authority of John Bellamy-Foster I’m going to end with some of his words. He said of the present moment:


“All of this is a lot to be absorbed in a short time. But I think it’s important to understand the two prongs of the U.S./NATO imperial grand strategy in order to understand why the Kremlin considers itself threatened, and why it acted as it did, and why this proxy war is so dangerous for the world as a whole. What we should keep in mind right now is that all of this maneuvering for absolute world supremacy has brought to us to the brink of a global thermonuclear war and global omnicide. The only answer is to create a massive world movement for peace, ecology, and socialism."


Thank you, love and solidarity for everyone who’s made it out to support real, actual peace today.


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