Friday, October 27, 2017

There is No Going Back for Chrystia Freeland

It’s become passe to note that Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather was a Nazi. It’s even become passe to note that hers were not ‘sins of the [grand]father’ but rather current offences by playing both booster andapologist for fascists who wield power in Ukraine today. The pretense, once wildly pantomimed by Scott Gilmore, or Terry Glavin, or Justin Ling, that Freeland is anything but her grandfather’s granddaughter has withered and died. Now it is simply accepted, and ignored, in the media that Freeland openly supports reactionary, xenophobic, and pro-US-Empire forces wherever and whenever they are. But her latest gaffe cannot be ignored, it is too massive, too beneath contempt, too glaringly at odds with her Liberal Government’s platitudes about ‘truth’ and ‘reconciliation’ with First Nations peoples in Canada.

At a ‘roundtable’ of Gold Company lobbyists, mouth-frothy over their imperialist profiteering being curtailed, in an auditorium built on the blood of oppressed peoples in the global south, that heaving bellend, Chrystia Freeland, had the temerity to suggest that it was ‘funny’ to say thatCanada was an imperialist oppressor because Canada ‘was the colony.’ In other words, Freeland is attempting to suggest that it is impossible that Canada be party to, implicated in, and culpable for imperialist oppression, exploitation, and primitive accumulation because once upon a time Canada was a colony of Britain. Oh *dusts hands* well then, that settles that, doesn’t it? Here we have the Foreign Affairs Minister of a Government which has made ‘truth’ and ‘reconciliation’ tweet-fodder for months, claiming that Canada is permanently exempt from the category of ‘Empire’ and that it is absurd to suggest it. This is heinous, this is foul.

Clearly this gaffe will garner little if any airtime on the CBC or pagespace in the bourgeois rags like the Post or the Mail, but it deserves to, clearly. This is a level of ignorance, cynicism, willful and concerted historical myopia that would make Kellie Leitch blush. To imply that Canada, at very least in the post-Dominion era, hasn’t been a willing and avid sub-Imperialist crony, party to theft, deprivation, and domination, isn’t just ridiculous, it’s loathesome.

This past month Venezuela held an election for regional governors, and the results did not go the way reactionary cretins like Freeland had hoped. This they took as an opportunity to heap scorn, bile, and falsehoods upon the Maduro government, a cacophony of baseless accusations, with Freeland feeling entitled to implicate her Government in her own personal descent into reactionary paranoia. No opposition groups have offered up evidence for their claims of the illegitimacy of the election, impartial and international election monitors have said explicitly that there is none.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has anointed herself a knight in a farcical crusade on behalf of plutocrats, exploiters, cartels, mining companies, their thugs and lackeys. This was never sustainable, but, before this, the Trudeau Government could always sweep her less savory outbursts under the rug of some contrived hypocrisy of ‘universal rights.’ Not this one, however. In her comments today the Minister has crossed the Rubicon into the same space occupied by Senator Lynn Beyak – an irretrievably, irrevocably racist, reactionary, inaccurate conception of the recent past.

Every learned voice should heap calumny upon Freeland, and all the jackals of the Trudeau Government, for not only their vulgar falsehoods, but their absence of even the most rudimentary fidelity to the gospel of ‘reconciliation’ from which they preach. Pious Pharisees pontificating ahistorical fiction totally indiscernible from the most ardent fascist. This is not a repudiation of contemporary liberalism, this is contemporary liberalism.

Right now the Trudeau Liberals are reeling from the all-too-deserved scrutiny on corporate vulture Bill Morneau and his profiteering off elderly pensioners. Justice would dictate that he share the frying pan with Chrystia Freeland, who has tipped her cards, fumbled her façade, and openly opined one of the most ignorant and vile mystifications in Canadian history. Freeland is a duplicitous, disingenuous, cowardly racist. How can Justin Trudeau possibly justify keeping her, given the glaring incongruity between his Government's rhetoric and the Minister's self-exculpatory, self-serving mystifications and lies about History?


  1. Oozing out of the woodwork, how did junior ever find these creeps to become ministers of our government...oh, wait, it is no longer our government but that of corporations. It has now become the mandate of the people to destroy the corporations and effectively subvert to our own aspirations all forms of the present government.

    1. Could not agree more with the original post, and the above comment. Freeland is a lackey for Washington, and its vile support, amongst other criminal acts, of that neo-Fascist, illegally empowered regime in Kiev. Canadians need to wake up from their deep slumber, and protest en masse. How can Freeland possibly represent Canada at the NAFTA negotiations when she is lock-step with corporate America, and every bit as guilty as there are of flaunting International Law, the Geneva Accords, and are currently stepping up attacks on another sovereign state, namely Syria. It is the height of hypocrisy that that this government offers sanctuary to Syrian refugees on the one hand, and is complicit with Washington's foreign policy on the other. Are we to mutely accept the lies from our own government that are rained on American citizens? I agree, this government is not fit to oversee any "truth and reconciliation" process with indigenous people, not with such a traitor in our midst as Natzi sympathizer Freeland anywhere in the picture. She needs history rehabilitation, from grade one upwards.

    2. You know, obviously I agree that Freeland isn't a suitable arbiter on the world stage, but it's broader than that. The Liberals, for all their talk of 'reconciliation' and the 'middle class' are concertedly the ideological agents of one economic class. While Trudeau, or Morneau, or Freeland may be morally repugnant in this instance or that one, it speaks to the fundamental bankruptcy of liberalism as such.