Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton says Fuck You to Progressive Voters

Hillary Clinton has just said 'Fuck You' to progressive democrats and independents in the loudest and most unambiguous way possible, and it is now entirely appropriate for those progressive democrats and independents to say fuck you back and not vote for her in November. Even, perhaps especially, if this means the election of wanton reactionary Donald Trump. The choice of seething corporate democrat Tim Kaine as Hillary Clinton's running mate is a clear and unmistakable signal that the Democrat ruling caste has absolutely no intention of moving even slightly to the left, and has rather chosen to dive headlong to the right.

After it became clear that Senator Bernie Sanders could not secure the democratic nomination there was a period of indeterminacy in which it was unclear how Secretary Clinton would comport herself towards Senator Sanders' followers, and those who had been energized by his clear cut and revolutionary message, and that period of indeterminacy has ended, along with her chances for the presidency.

Is the Donald Trump and Mike Pence ticket more reactionary than the Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine ticket? Yes, of course it is, but this is beside the point. The point is that the dripping condescension for progressive voters required to have selected the virulently pro-Corporate, anti-abortion, anti-Labour Tim Kaine is fundamentally intolerable, and when – not if, when – Hillary Clinton loses this election, she will have only herself to blame.

The so-called 'liberal' commentariat will become ever more distraught and hysterical as she and her campaign spirals into disarray, and they will blame and denigrate the electorate mercilessly. The Brechtian concept that the ruling elites wish to impeach the voters and elect a new one, so often brought up today, will take on a panicked immediacy. But it is not the voters who will be to blame for Hillary Clinton's loss, it will be Hillary Clinton, who has had an opportunity to reach out to progressive forces, and has resolutely and petulantly shut the door.

What we are witnessing today is the putrescence of 'liberalism.' While 'liberalism' in the United States is a catch-all word for anything perceived to be progressive, it is, in actual fact, the ideology of the owning class, the ideology of the very rich, and because the very rich and their ideology are profoundly implicated in the problems which afflict the United States today, 'liberalism' as a catch-all is no longer sufficient. The Senator Sanders campaign offered a principled Socialist opposition to the direction that Hillary Clinton has just doubled-down on, i.e. pro-War, pro-Wallstreet, pro-austerity, and anti-worker.

Donald Trump is not a fit president, and the Republican platform is comprised of the stuff of nightmares, but what Hillary Clinton has just done in selecting Tim Kaine as her running mate is deprive herself and the Democrats of any substantive oppositional pole with which to contrast themselves. In Trump's speech to the RNC he repeatedly hammered the Democrats on their commitment to the kind of neoliberal globalization which has impoverished and immiserated American workers, and railed against indifferent bureaucratic 'centrist' careerists who spew disingenuous and cynical lies in every breath. Tim Kaine is precisely such a politician, and in selecting him as her running mate, Hillary Clinton has proved herself to be precisely such a politician.

No matter how much the privately owned means of communication, the hacks and sycophants at the New York Times, CNN and MSNBC may protest, and kick and scream, this choice has doomed the Hillary Clinton campaign. She will go on to lose this election, and she will deserve to lose, because she has spit in the face of every American who want an alternative. Now the electorate will select an alternative that is unthinkable, because they have been left no other choice, and the fault for the irrationality that follows lays squarely on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton.

Stick a fork in her, she is done.

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