Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beware the Fort McMurray Troll

“The swaying cornfields at the end of Chaplin's film on Hitler gives the lie to the anti-fascist speech about freedom. They resemble the blond tresses of the German maidens whose outdoor life in the summer wind is photographed by Ufa. Nature, in being presented by society's control mechanism as the healing antithesis of society, is itself absorbed into that incurable society and sold off. The solemn pictoral affirmation that the trees are green, the sky is blue, and the clouds are sailing overhead already makes them cryptograms for factory chimneys and gasoline stations.”

Max Horkheimer & Theodor W. Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment - Philosophical Fragments ed. Gunzelin Schmid Noerr Tr. Edmund Jephcott (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2002), 119 - 120.

"look at this picture of the forest" - 3:33


The Fort McMurray Troll is a particular, and particularly virulent, cult of Trolls from the heart of the mechanism of the Alberta Tar Sands, Fort McMurray [either that or they are RCMP/CSIS agents, likely a combination of both]. On the one hand the weepy 'but my city's not bad' cult of trolls, who flood in to everywhere to obfuscate discussion, and on the other a new breed of paid-cyber obfuscators, working diligently to de-emphasize the government's criminality.

In tandem they seek to dissimulate and interrupt the workings of citizen groups, collaborative endeavor, and especially protest groups. In the case of the former, the Fort McMurray Troll is the kind of person who has been militantly socialized to emphasize every triffling flower that happens to bloom in their city, and de-emphasize its gross complicity in a cracked austerity government hopped up on half-wit Burke delivered at the Civitas club. In the case of the latter, the Fort McMurray Troll is an online provocateur paid by the government to disorient and fragment insurgency, which the Harper government defines as ostensibly any and all critical thought – and to achieve this the role of Fort McMurrian is adopted as a cipher for a monstrous facade of 'wholesomeness' that the Harper Government seeks to propagate and associate with Fort McMurray and, by extension, the tar sands. In either case their modus operandi and axioms are inevitably the same, with few variations; their immediate purpose, for however much they may profess 'discussion,' is to obscure and mystify an ongoing crime.

Kinder Morgan is operating illegally on unceded Coast Salish Land; the Criminal Stephen Harper government [proto-fascist as all the late developing 1870s nations are by degree, though particularly neo-Colonial, and boiling over under the Harper goverment] is forcing the Burnaby RCMP to act as private paramilitaries for foreign oil headed by post-Enron executives and arrest citizens [this is - if our constitution is to mean anything! - inherently and intrinsically illegal!]. The Burnaby RCMP's efforts to play the PR game have been transparent and reports have emerged of grossly different racialized treatment between First Nations and white protesters;

Many good people are, of course, livid at all of this, but there is a shrunken sect who would paper over-top of it with a ho-hum circularity game to tell us how we've got the 'wrong idea' about Fort McMurray, and if you only went there, you'd see the pristine facade behind which stands ecocidal massacre: the Fort McMurray Troll:

The Fort-McMurray Troll is very anxious to tell you how much he dislikes Neil Young, how he has discarded his CDs and demands that Neil Young burp only sunshine, as by some byzantine calculation - hastily pasted from a Mens Rights blog - the Fort-McMurray Troll informs us that Neil Young's gastronomic emissions are TRIPPLE that of the lushous 'oil' sands [tar is seldom their prefered nomenclature, though it is more accurate, of course]; the Fort-McMurray troll would like you to know that 'the science is not in' on Climate Change, and that the way to stop oil monopolies like Kinder Morgan is to not buy gas (whether this not gas-buying will refund us for the social damage and austerity wrought to fund tar-sands megaprojects, the Fort-McMurray Troll demures, or dissimulates, or perhaps goes for a soda at the RCMP or CSIS offices where they are stationed, before returning for a hard night's work of further dissimulation); The Fort-McMurray Troll would like to inform you that your compassion, action, and determination, is 'logically faulty' - by whose Logic, Hegel's, Spinoza's, Marx's, some yet undeveloped mass epistemic logic, we are not told; the Fort McMurray Troll would like to inform you that your issues are 'contentious,' and your arguments are 'arbitrary,' whilst uttering 'continue to use petroleum products?' in the same breath as 'I think its a legitimate way to stop pipelines;' It 'seems like you just don't want to sacrifice any of the great things in today's society,' the Fort McMurray Troll opines, 'you can either be for oil, or against it;' the Fort McMurray Troll wants to emphasize that it would 'not be easy' 'living without oil' - though sometimes they will double back and say 'it wouldn't be easy living without oil, but we could do it!' therein imparting a false positive, as though by assenting to the latter, you would capitulate to the former, that it would 'not be easier', one ought wonder, for whom [for the Fort McMurray troll, of course!]; the Fort McMurray Troll would like you to know that what you propose is not 'feasible,' that it would 'create damage' has an endless panoply of articles for you to read, and .jpgs for you to view, each of increasingly dubious character; but the Fort McMurray Troll, he assures us, is just 'just asking a question' - irrespective of how transparently disruptive they are being; 'Check your facts' invokes the Fort McMurray Troll, on the subject of Climate Change generally - ostensibly requesting that you simply go back to the repository of facts, as the facts that present themselves, and which you may present to the Fort McMurray Troll, are terribly displeasing! [to the Fort McMurray Troll]; At last resort the Fort McMurray Troll, the scoundrel, has in his quiver indifferent fatalism, as in the bizarre shift of gears from 'the science is not in' to 'it will happen anyway' and, the Fort McMurray Troll assures us, 'the economics' of change are too great; Though, at the same time - incredibly! - the Fort McMurray Troll would like you to know that YOU are the fatalist, because you are a 'catastrophist,' that you are mongering 'the end of all human kind' [irrespective of the fact that this is scientifically the situation at hand], such that their 'the science is not in'-to-'it is too late' becomes, by subtle semioviolence, your 'overreaction.' Explain this, or anything, to the Fort McMurray Troll on peril of your own wasted time, they will merely respond, like the last-men that they are: 'have you ever been to Fort McMurray!?'

What is happening right now in unceded Coastal Salish Territory is criminal, a violation of the very essence of the Constitution of Canada - it is the implicit aim of the Fort McMurray Troll to sustain this violation, this criminality. Inform the Fort McMurray Troll that their distaste for Leonardo DiCaprio would be irrelevant (and boring) were it not symptom of profound cultural rot. Do not be derailed by the Fort McMurray Troll

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