Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cangaceiro of the Mushroom Kingdom

Smithy (カジオー Kajiō); the figure of alienation and real subsumption, primitive accumulation by dispossession, and yet a negentropic process, perpetual war personified as a sentient machine which prints sentient weapons, fueled by the separation it inflicts upon the Star Road.

Exor (カリバー Karibā); blade of urban scale, a sentient weapon and gateway between the world, and the unfettered production of war that envelops it. Presumably printed by Smithy, the blade is powered by the fracture Smithy inflicts upon the Star Road. A creation Ex Nihilo, born stabbing into the idiosyncratic material social relations erstwhile attendant to the mushroom kingdom; Exor is the architectural projection of the failed future into the failed present.

Monstro Town (モンスタウン Monsutaun); the sociogeographic reterritorialization of the diaspora consequent to the deterritorialization of social relations effected by Smithy. An intensity of exodus as the collaborative labour of wounded, damaged life, partial and destratified. So porous is social stratification there that some residents, for instance Culex, did not even originate in the same game.

Subcon (サブコン Sabukon); both the biopolitical site of Smithy's imbrication (Bowser's Castle, the unmooring of subjectivity attendant to disciplinary society, etc.) and the collective social imaginary, the real productive force of desiring mutation. Like Culex to Monstro Town, Subcon is game-diasporic, having been scavenged from Doki Doki Panikku, the panic of beating hearts. Between Smithy as a figure of biopolitical reification, and the, let's say, 'normal' relations of production evinced by a linear eschatological telos, now obviated, there is Subcon, the terrain upon which this conflict takes place.

Frogfucius (カエル仙人 Kaeru Sennin); the intellectual/spiritual authority with the brechtian alienation effect (when you see the Lakitu facilitating his 'levitation').

Mallow (マロ Maro); becoming-diffuse, cloud-power, hybrid-subjectivity (tadpole/nimbus).

Jinx (ジャッキー Jakkī); combat through difference and repetition, etc.

Geno (ジーノ Jīno); a pack, legion, he is potrayed as equivalent to if not stronger than Mario, and yet does so insofar as he articulates not only Mario's strength - the strength of the proletariat, classically conceived, perhaps; the figure of the particular abstract labour in industrial production - but indeed the whole biopolitical force of the of every aspect of every participant in Subcon, in singularity and commonality, the desiring force which prefigures the organic circulation and exchange of the Star Road that Smithy occupies and fragments. Geno is the corporeal being of the general intellect in reflection and production with the material world, the animation of material in the abstract (Hyle), and therefore the techniques of animation itself. The desire for animate technique realized in the technical animation of desire. Culex is schizo capoeiric, whereas Geno is the figure of the Star Road Cangaceiro, the social banditry of the collective imagination.

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