Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dionysian Geology

“Dionysus: That the king does not accept that we ‘dare to know,’ that he does not accept civil liberty, and that he transforms the cosmopolitan development of the city, the autonomy of women, and the adventure of common communication into crime. In all these cases disobedience is divine. . . Pentheus, I didn’t come here to destroy you but to convince you. Ever since I first taught men the art of making wine – and my feet still burn from the dance that we improvised together in the vat, the sublime technique that transformed the life, sleep, and imagination of men – since then, therefore, I have never thought that the fact of giving potency to the body and joy to the mind could be transformed into an insult to civil authority and a negation of the gods. Stamping grapes with the feet is only a technical invention. To unite men in imagining a better world is to make audible the symphony of a nature that is not satisfied with itself but, in spite of everything, is convinced of its own potency. Why do you accuse me of perverting the mind even though I have only sought to nourish desire? . . . Ask rather if the rebels do not by chance have a different idea of measure and justice and power itself. Yours, transcendent.Theirs: terrestrial, chthonian, democratic.” - Negri

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