Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Resolution of the NHL Labor Dispute as Transcelerationist Spinozan Sex of the Highest Order as Recounted by TSN

“Knowing how to love does not mean remaining a man or a woman; it means extracting from one’s sex the particles, the speeds and slownesses, the flows, the n sexes. . .”[1]
- Deleuze and Guattari

“He who would govern his emotions and appetite solely by the love of freedom strives, as far as he can, to gain a knowledge of the virtues and their causes, and to fill his spirit with the joy which arises from the true knowledge of them: he will in no wise desire to dwell on men’s faults, or to carp at his fellows, or to revel in a false show of freedom.”[2]
- Benedict de Spinoza

The following is a literal and accurate transcription of a TSN live report from this morning, in the ellipses I have omitted merely the 'mere ontic data':

"Everybody jumped and up, and now it’s just the anticipation to see ‘what’s within’? You know? Where 'guys' have gone? What sides have decided to go with? So, it was interesting, I heard you talk about, throughout the night, it was amazing to see a number of people, as it was said, it was getting closer and closer, who stayed with it. . . and talked you through it. . . a little punchy a little bit for a little while but we’re all happy now! It’s a grind, and think about how they must be feeling inside that room – you know? We’re working and we’re putting in a long day but the minutia they’ve been going over hour after hour, trying to stay focused. . . a monumental task took sixteen hours of face to face negotiation. I know that you made fun of him there but, I’ve got to tell you. . . certainly even at midnight, and we talked about it on air, it wasn’t quite that second gear yet, and then from midnight to about four a.m. it really got going, really the progress started in the wee hours of the morning. But you know what? Now the work begins. And with all due respect to mediation. . . but the work is far from done. Yes, the agreement is there ‘tentatively’ but, as we know, there is still that issue of trust. And the players, most definitely, are going to go through all the draft documents, ratification with a fine tooth comb. . . Maybe some people would wait until it’s ‘the 300 pages are signed sealed and delivered’ as you say. But I think they realize with the leaks and all the innuendo that ‘let’s announce that we’ve agreed on the principles and now let’s get the lawyers to do their thing.’ This morning took on a kind of a weird dynamic because at about midnight we were talking about the fact that they were expecting a kind of breakoff in the meetings, and thought that from all sources it was kind of slowing down, maybe they take a rest, and at some point about two or three in the morning it really picked up and, it’s not like you want to say something without having the knowledge of it, but everyone in that room. . . got the sense that something special was happening, and it was, you know? Again one of those situations where you’re sitting there comparing notes from all the sources we’re getting and there was a ‘reason to stay’ – and I’m glad we all did. Absolutely. . . You’ve got to get together. . . and try to figure out a way to put it all aside and move forward. They have a lot to dig out of here. They do. And I think honestly if you take a big picture look at this: the dust will settle in the summer. All the hard feelings. Right now there’s a sense of euphoria, excitement, as a player you finally have a goal, a reason to be. . .”

'Players’ in “less mediocre games.”[3] The problem with pornographic depictions of sex is not that they're perverse, but precisely that they aren't at all perverse enough: Deleuzo-guattarian 'the consideration of yourself and others in lurid schizophrenia.' Symptom, 'Guattaro-deleuzian.'

As the internet asked me recently:

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