Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hard work

“You explain [that] I’ve got a wife, and a daughter who plays with dolls and potters around the house. And you think that in light of Anti-Oedipus this is a huge joke. You might have added I’ve got a son who’s almost old enough to go into analysis. If you think it’s dolls that produce the Oedipus complex, or the mere fact of being married, that’s pretty weird. The Oedipus complex is nothing to do with dolls, it’s an internal sectretion, a gland, and you can’t fight oedipal secretions except by fighting yourself, by experimenting on yourself, by opening yourself up to love and desire (rather than the whining need to be loved that leads everyone to the psychoanalyst). Non-oedipal love is pretty hard work.” - Deleuze, Letter to a Harsh Critic

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