Thursday, December 20, 2012


"I have mined the mysteries bare and am left with the bare (simply beautiful) bones the bare facts taken scissors to the nets of illusion perfected iconoclasm your hands I tell you are waves of water my cells I tell you are barnacles they open with tide-and-wave action my cells each cell in fact I tell you is a little open-mouthed anus innings and outings and sighings
Knowing – never having forgotten the pleasing in pleasure
But DO YOU WANT THIS LIVING BODY DO YOU WANT TO BEAT DEATH OUT FROM THE CODE OF EVERY CELL or will the dark mouth the iron ring of your fear bite off the hand that feeds it will look a gift horse in the mouth will you use your rhetoric and give old death an easy time make shoo noises but turn a blind eye when it hides a curtatin"
- Mary Fallon

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