Monday, November 12, 2012

We were wolves

“We had snouts. We had snouts like wolves, we had, we had them before. We were wolves. Our teeth and fangs were laterally arrayed, right? Forward to back, back to forward.” Jay, forming and imaginary snout with his hand in front of her nose for effect, “for fucking generations, right? epochs. And, and, when we howled at the moon, when we howled at the moon, we were so loud, - we, we were so loud, right?. And when I howled, when I howled, you could hear me over the fucking valley, and, and,” breathless, stammering “when you howled, when you howled, I could hear you through fucking time, right? through species. And we would howl at the moon, right? For hours, for decades we would, for centuries, we’d howl together at the moon, your genetics howled for my genetics and my genetics howled for yours.” Jay, mopping his arm across his face with a mock paw. “Now I can’t hear you so good. Now, it’s no good. Now we’re just. . . I just howl at the moon, and, well, kind of hope that you're somewhere, you know? Just kind of hoping you howl back. Even though I can’t hear you so good, right? Even though you're wherever, just that it happened, just hoping.”

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