Sunday, July 15, 2012

Voice Trace Nostalgia Error Survey Team, Go

Garbled transmission dead cell second wind, switchboard definitional break
‘report! Report! What have you found, ouiji board filmmaker briefing?'

‘Condition of existence type #8432 appendix c, subsection 32 reads:

Sometimes you will ‘feel’ (cf. chapter 1, subsection 2) ‘lonely’ (cf. chapter 2, subsection 3) and ‘hurt’ (cf. chapter 2, subsection 2), and sometimes you will not. Though sometimes you will ‘wonder’ (cf. Chapter 4, subsection 3 ‘wondering) where those feelings went, or if they ceased to be. Under such conditions you may variously feel ‘happy’ (cf. chapter 1, subsection 9) insofar as these feelings cease to plague you (note: ‘plague’ – appendix b subsection 26 not appendix c subsection 43), or you may feel ‘sad’ (cf. chapter 1, subsection 10) insofar as the objective conditions of your ‘loneliness’ (cf. ‘lonely’ chapter 2, subsection 3) and hurting (cf. ‘hurt’ chapter 2, subsection 2) have not changed, and hence you may feel a ‘desire’ (cf. chapter 1, subsection 3) to nonetheless feel any ‘feeling’ (chapter 1, subsection 2) at all.
‘Report! Report! Say words!’
‘Come in! Say Words!’
‘Report! Speak words to us!’
I don’t build pillow forts, I just hide in what used to be our blankets and wish the war was over.

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